Coriolanus @ The Donmar Warehouse

Coriolanus FINAL

So anyone that knows me knows that I love both The Donmar Warehouse and Tom Hiddleston. For a retrospective on Tom Hiddleston’s reading of Tennessee Williams at the Criterion Theatre, head over to my Tumblr, where I used to do long bulky review posts! Anyway, I’ve seen a few things at the little Donmar – a theatre that is little by size and not in name! When they announced that Coriolanus was coming, starring Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss, the world of ‘fandom’ collectively wet their pants in excitement. And everyone prepared for battle.

See, the Donmar is a teeny tiny theatre. And the popularity of Tom and Mark is beyond their size, so we all knew it would be painful. And it was. I really wanted opening night tickets, because one of the things I like to do is get a review up first for shows I know fangirls are chomping at the bit for information on. And I was lucky! In a strategic battle plan organised with my friends, we successfully procured tickets mostly for what we wanted. Sadly, I failed to get tickets for closing night, but you take what you can get!

And guys, never fear, we can battle it out again when the Barclaycard £10 front row deal comes along!

One of the things I was most interested in was how far and wide reaching it is. People are travelling from all over for this play. So I want to find out who is coming to the show and from where! Leave me a comment below and tell me where you’re travelling from to see Coriolanus!

See you at the show!

  • Kat

    A friend and I are coming from California. Both of us are Shakespeare fans and have traveled to Stratford to see Sir Ian McKellan in King Lear and David Tennant in Hamlet. We will be staying a week, with friends and theatre among the plans. However, seeing Tom in Coriolnaus will be the highlight of the trip. We feel blessed to have gotten tickets.

    • london-reviews

      That’s awesome! There’s always something brilliant to see in London, but it’s great that you get to see Tom and Mark in Coriolanus. Ticket buying was frantic, so glad you got tickets. I hope you enjoy! :)

  • Sara

    My friend and I are travelling from Sweden to see this play. I often visit London, I’ve already been there two times this year and we’ll both be going in august as well. We’re both fans of Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss, and then we somehow managed to get tickets to Coriolanus, and we’re so thrilled to see them both at new years eve. We couldn’t think of a better way to start the new year!

  • Lena

    We’re coming from Russia. At first I was at loss where I can spens my New Year holidays, but then Coriolanus happened, and I was able to grab tickets (never expected this crazy sale), so…
    Also I really hope to see Wicked while we’re at London, I adore this musical so much.

  • Emma

    Feel a bit naff saying this as I’m only coming from Norfolk, which is just an hour and a half train trip. Its a big treat for me to go though as I don’t often get to go to the theatre, in London or elsewhere, and would really like to go more. Its such a hassle getting from where I live to the station to get the train to London so I don’t often go to the capital even though I live so close. I’m seeing the New Year’s Day performance so planning on making a big week long trip to enjoy New Year’s in the City and visit the Harry Potter studios and perhaps even see The Lion King, a show I’ve been wanting to see since it began.

  • Sue

    I’m travelling from Spain to see it! When I managed to get a ticket (the sale was insane, it felt like a war zone), I could barely believe it!

  • Jo

    I consider myself lucky to have two tickets, and considering the demand, would not attempt to buy the Barclays tickets when released. It would be pretty low to go more than once, when others are unable to go at all. I would urge people with tickets to be fair minded, and leave the Barclays tickets to those who were unlucky first time round.

  • http://LondonReviews Hugh McGowan

    I’m travelling from Australia with nothing but hope and the money for a ticket.

  • Gab

    Hello there! I’m planning to travel to London in January, and it would be great to be able to see the play IF I get the chance to buy a Barclays ticket. I know it’s a difficult,, but I want to give it a try. Given that I don’t have the slightest idea of how the online reservation works, I was wondering if you could please give me some information. When you buy the ticket on-line, what do you get and what do you need to do next? Do you get an electronic ticket or do you get some kind of receipt? If the latter, do you need to present the credit card you made the purchase with and/or your ID at the ticket window to get your ticket? Thanks in advance!

    • london-reviews

      Hello! So sorry for taking ages to reply to you – the notification went into my spam. So the Barclaycard tickets are sold 2 weeks before the week of the performance date. It’s quite difficult to get tickets, and will be moreso for Coriolanus I think, but it’s worth a go.

      When you buy the ticket online (any card that is Visa or Mastercard would be fine), you get an email confirmation, then you have to pick it up at the box office. I don’t think that you do have to have the card/ID to pick it up, but if you call the Donmar and ask them, they can help you. Most theatres are very flexible so just the confirmation in most cases, but to be cautionary because the tickets for this one are so hard to come by, I would try to order with a card you will be able to present. Please don’t take my word for it! :)

      Good luck. :)

      • Gab

        Thank you so much for your help!!! :D

  • Gab

    Oh, one last thing… Sorry… Can you use an Euro credit card to make the purchase online? Thank you so much!

  • Ann

    Yes, please, please leave leave some of the Front Row tickets for those of us who didn’t manage to get any in the scramble for the original tickets…. sadly… Hope you get one too Hugh and Gab.

  • Meira Ben-Gad

    I have 3 tickets to Coriolanus that I’d like to swap for a different day. We bought tickets for Wednesday January 1 at 19.30 but sadly can’t make it. The seats are great — Row C, seats 4,5,6 (price band B). We’ll swap for any price band (including standing tickets) on a different day, subject to diary check. We’re willing to split the tickets, so if you have 1, 2, or 3 tickets to swap, please contact me at N.B. THESE TICKETS ARE NOT FOR SALE – ONLY FOR SWAP. DO NOT CONTACT ME BEGGING ME TO SELL YOU OUR TICKETS. IF WE CANNOT SWAP THEM, WE ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE TO GIVE THEM TO. THANKS!

  • Audrey

    Hello! I’m planning a trip to London in December (I’m from Paris) and I hope to buy a Barclay’s tickets for Coriolanus. Unfortunately I was not able to buy the best tickets. You frighten me by speaking about the on-line sale, I hope I can so much see this play, it is partially for it that I would come to London.
    I look everywhere for tickets resold by people but I find there nowhere. I would be horribly disappointed if I could not see this play.
    Do you think that I have any chance to buy one? And especially do you know if I can choose the date which I wish to attend?

    • london-reviews

      You have to bear in mind that tickets for the show are sold out. There is a small allocation for the Barclaycard Front Row promotion. And there is also a small allocation for day ‘seats’. So it’s pretty tough to get them as everyone is going for it at the same time.

      For the Front Row promotion, I would suggest being quick – take the first thing you might get and don’t even lose a second deciding on what day or whether the seats are good enough. Try to go alone – it will be easier to get one than two and so on. Also keep trying. It will look sold out, but people sometimes just don’t complete their transaction and tickets appear again. So give it a good 20 mins before accepting it’s sold out. ;)

      For day seats – they’re actually standing tickets for the back of the circle, but you do have this as an alternative option to see it. You have to queue early on the day. No idea how long at the moment, but hopefully Theatre Monkey will update with more info on it once the show starts:

      Good luck! :)

  • Desi

    Ohh you’re so lucky to get tickets. I’m from Holland and I was planning to go to London in Febr. but no tickets for me :-(. Just too late so I’m focussing on the ‘front row’ tickets. Didnot understand the ‘standing tickets’which will also be available.

  • Natalia

    Hi there! Wow it’s very nice to hear that you’ve got two tickets! I was planning to buy one, but apparently they are all sold out. I have two questions in mind I’m hoping you could answer it for me. The barclaycard front row tickets, do I have to buy it on D day, or can I purchase it online on the 25th? And the second question is, I saw at this website called viagogo that there’s a ticket being sold for Coriolanus but the price is so expensive £500, is that legit? I mean I don’t mind buying it if it’s legit (though I have to live below the line for months) . Oh and by the way, I’m from Indonesia, a country in south east asia, far far away from UK. If I could have the ticket, this would be my first experience going to UK and seeing a play at Donmar. Thanks in advance

    • london-reviews

      Hi there, Coriolanus is indeed sold out. To answer your questions:

      * The way the Barclaycard Front Row deal works is that they sell tickets for shows on the Monday 2 weeks in advance of those shows. So for example, the tickets on sale on 25th November will be for the first week of the run (6th Dec – 13th Dec). Then the following Monday will be the week after that, etc. So you get them in advance, but only by two weeks.

      * Viagogo is a website for ticket resales and is legitimate, however it has come under serious criticism for the high prices. I really don’t think you should pay £500 for the ticket and fly from Indonesia – I know it’s easy for me to say as I have tickets and live in London, but believe me, that is a lot of money to pay. I would suggest that you try the Barclaycard Front Row option and if you can get them, come over. But don’t give some ticket tout the satisfaction of getting £500 for a ticket that at face value was about £30.

      Best of luck! I’m sure this won’t be the last time Tom Hiddleston does theatre and there will be other opportunities in the future! :)

      • Natalia

        Thanks so much for very fast respond, really appreciate it. Oh okay I won’t buy the £500 ticket then. Thanks for your advice. Will try my luck on the barclaycard tickets. Wish me luck. Thanks again

  • Elena

    Hello! I’m from Russia and I’m going to London in the end of December. I still have no ticket. Certainly I will do my best to get the Barclaycard Front Row ticket, though it’s almost imposible. I think getting a standing ticket on the day of perfomance is more real. Could you please tell me what time the tube opens so I could arrive as early as possible to queue? Thank you in advance.

    • london-reviews

      Hi there. The time of the first train depends on where you’re coming from. The lines you would use are Central or Picadilly for the Donmar Warehouse as it’s closest to Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road. However, the first trains will be before 6am. If you’re staying in central London, you may find it easier to walk, depending on where you stay. If you’re staying outside of central, you can use the timetable on the TFL website to help plan your journey.

      First trains:

      Journey planner:

      Good luck!! :)

      • Elena

        Thank you for your consideration! I’m coming from Wembley Park station. ;)

  • Giulia

    Hello! I’m from Italy but doing an exchange in the USA since september 2012. I was planning on going to London during christmas break to visit a friend, and I was thinking about going to see the play Tom is in. The thing is: I, as many others, don’t have tickets. My question is, how long before 10am should I stay in front of the pc in order to try and get a ticket for the show? and also, if I decide to stand in line the day of the performance, are there gonna be 2 different lines (one for the 14.30 and one for the 19.30 performances) for the tickets? Thank you so much in advance for your answer.

    • london-reviews

      Hi there,

      In answer to your questions:

      * You don’t need to be in front of your PC in advance as it won’t help. The tickets go on sale dead on 10am and it’s just a case of refreshing.

      * I really don’t know how early the queues will start for day tickets. I suspect very early. Hopefully Theatre Monkey will update with more info on day seats once the show starts: I don’t know if they will have separate lines for matinees, but I wouldn’t have thought so.

      Sorry I can’t be more help. x

  • london-reviews

    Hi there,

    In answer to your questions:

    * You don’t need to be in front of your PC in advance as it won’t help. The tickets go on sale dead on 10am and it’s just a case of refreshing.

    * I really don’t know how early the queues will start for day tickets. I suspect very early. Hopefully Theatre Monkey will update with more info on day seats once the show starts: I don’t know if they will have separate lines for matinees, but I wouldn’t have thought so.

    Sorry I can’t be more help. x

  • Zhora

    Hi, we are coming from Germany to see the play. There’s three of us and we’re meeting a friend from the UK. Our dates are in January (gonna see it two times). We actually became members (split the cost between us) to get access to the advance ticket sale, thus securing seats in the second and third row, middle block of the stalls. But then we needed more tickets and I was commissioned to try my luck when the official sale started. It was a mad scramble, but I managed to get all the tickets we needed. Then I sat back and watched it selling out within 23 minutes. O_O You can imagine how lucky we all feel.
    We often travel to London and have seen a number of other big actors doing plays there, but this will be a highlight. Tom Hiddleston in a Shakespeare play – it doesn’t get much better than that.

  • Julie

    Hi! I live in the States and I was planning on trying to buy the front row tickets either tomorrow or next monday. It says 10 am, so I set up the alarm for 4.50am (considering the time change). But when I looked at the donmar warehouse website again the countdown is not for 10 am, but for 3pm in the UK. I am very confused: I thought they meant 10am local time in the UK. Could you please explain it to me? It’s just really confusing. Thank you :)

    • london-reviews

      Hi there,

      I’m not sure what time zone you’re in or what maths you’re doing ;) but the countdown looks correct for me. 4.50am sounds right to me if you are on the east coast as there is 5 hours difference.

      I don’t know what time is showing for you on the page, but it’s showing the correct countdown time for me. There’s just over 11 hours to go. Good luck!

      • Julie

        hey! I’m on the east coast, but in 11 hours is going to be 10am here (in the US), and what I thought was that it was gonna be 10am in the uk, while 5am here. I think too many hours on the computer are messing up with my brain!!

        • london-reviews

          Hiya, whatever it might say on the countdown clock for you it’s definitely 10am UK time, so you can trust that. Your comment came through a lot later, so of course it wasn’t 11 hours from the UK any longer. :) Good luck.

  • Petra

    I have 2 tickets to Coriolanus that I’d like to swap for a different day. (13.12.2013 Front Row Circle A 44/45)I’ll swap for any price band on a different day, subject to diary check. Please contact me at THESE TICKETS ARE NOT FOR SALE – ONLY FOR SWAP.

  • Ikumi

    Hi, I live in Japan and will visit London in the middle of Dec.
    Sadly, I couldn’t get front row tickets today.
    I appreciate if you tell me whether UK has kind an auction for theater tickets.
    Or how people swap or sell tickets if they have to release them.
    I’m planning to wait in a line for the standing ticket though.

    Best regards,

    • london-reviews

      Hello, we don’t really have an auction for theatre tickets. You’re more likely to find resellers on social media – any sites you see like viagogo or ebay are a real risk and, as I’ve advised other people, should be avoided. There are some real scumbags trying to take advantage.

      Most regular theatregoers give tickets they can’t use back to the box office. Returns are usually released on the day of the performance. And you usually have to purchase in person. However, I don’t know the quirks of the Donmar, so I would talk to them about returns. Best of luck. :)

      • Ikumi

        Thank you so much for your reply

  • Emma

    Couldn’t get tickets. Seeing it at my local cinema instead. Not the same as seeing Hiddles in the flesh, but at least I’ll avoid a restraining order ;-)

  • Nastya

    Hello! Thank you so much for all of your answers, it helped me a lot)) but I just wanted to ask…can you tell me more precisely about the standing tickets? So they are sold each morning only for the performance, which will be in that exact day, right? And…can you really see the stage from there? Are you…like behind it or something…I could understand tha plan, sorry! Thanks for your help!

    • london-reviews

      Sorry for the delay in replying to your question. Yes, the standing tickets are sold on the same day as the performance. You can see the stage – you stand at the back of the circle. The Donmar Warehouse is a small venue and there is a good view from most places in the venue.

  • cynthia

    I am travelling down from Lincolnshire on New Year Eve.I love the theatre, Shakespearee and Tom/Mark so its a win win for me

  • Ann

    There is one Coriolanus ticket being auctioned for charity at the moment. 27th December. Visit @Se7enDaysInDec on Twitter to see the listing. I would bid, but am away on that date!

  • Virginia

    A friend and I are coming from Italy, at least we hope! We tried to book the tickets with the Barclays system, but we failed. Somebody knows if the standing tickets are always available on the day of performance and if we can buy them in the theatre?
    We are literature students and going to this show would be so important for us!!

    • london-reviews

      Hi there, sorry for the delay in replying. Standing tickets are always available on the day and you must buy them in person, at the theatre. Good luck. :)

  • Rodica

    Hello! I’m planning to fly over for the play from Bucharest, Romania. Unfortunately the Barclays tickets prove to be a nightmare to purchase, so if I’m not lucky next Monday I’ll just try my chances for the standing tickets. Question: which is faster and more reliable – trying to buy the barclays tickets online or in person at the ticket booth on Monday? I just need one but either Romania is on another planet and the server crashes everytime or it’s just my luck..

    • london-reviews

      Hello, sorry for the delay in replying. I don’t think Barclaycard promotion tickets are available at the box office, but even so, online is definitely the way get the tickets. The box office people use the same system, so the chances are it would be sold out by the time you do the process with them in person.

      I think it’s very much a matter of luck. It’s so oversubscribed that it’s almost impossible. I tried to get a ticket for my friend and failed. I hope it works out for you! Good luck. :)

  • Michela

    Someone is selling two tickets for the dates of 3,4 or 5 January 2014? We will be in London for only 3 days.Thanks.Michela

  • Nãmo

    If I can get tickets I will fly in from Norway, which isn’t that far…but it might be tricky with the short time from getting a ticket confirmed until I have to be there, getting time of work/buying plane tickets and all…. If I can’t get tickets near the end of the showing I guess I will still book tickets to go to London and see if I can get lucky, although I don’t think my boyfriend will cherish the idea of standing in line to ‘maybe’ get tickets for something he doesn’t even want to see…lol… I don’t know what it is about Tom Hiddleston, but I have never had this kind of fascination with a celebrity before and I feel that I need to go see him ‘in real life’ or I will regret it forever… Feeling a bit silly since I’m 30 and not supposed to obsess about celebs anymore, heh.. :P

  • Aliceeeeeeeee

    I have 4 tickets to Coriolanus and would like to swap any 2 of them for any performances BEFORE 16 DEC OR AFTER 1O JAN.
    Dates and seats:
    Fri 20th Dec A08/09
    Sat 28th Dec A44/45
    Please contact me at

  • Anna

    Hi! I’d like to swap Jan,1st Barclays front row ticket to any other date excluding Dec, 28 to Jan,5th!!
    Please e-mail me at

  • Cons

    Hi!I’m from China and going to fly over for the play in Feb. Unfortunately I failed to get a ticket, and I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough to get a Barclays ticket on 20-Jan because I will be at work at that time. It seems that standing ticket would be my only chance.

  • Hanna


    When I was buying Barclays Front Row tickets for ROOTS there was no option of buying just a single ticket, you had to get a pair. Is it the same with CORIOLANUS?

    • london-reviews

      Hello, I didn’t think there was such a restriction on Barclays front row, but I confess, I’ve only ever bought two tickets. I think people are buying individual seats for Coriolanus though.

  • Angela

    2 Coriolanus tickets – swap required!

    I have 2 front row tickets for Coriolanus at the Donmar Warehouse on friday the 24th January. I’m looking to swap for any pair on saturday 18th (matinee or evening) or friday 17th.

    Let me know if you can help! It would be so great, because we are coming from germany and will be there only the weekend 17/18th January.

    We could swap in person at the theatre or somewhere else in London at the weekend 17/18th.

    Please contact me: